Pick the right resort: finding your ideal vacation

There are thousands of resorts to choose from when you want some fun in the sun and relaxation. How do you pick the right resort out of all those choices? Here are five steps to help you narrow down your decision:

  1. Think purpose. Is this a family getaway, an anniversary celebration, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or a destination wedding? The ages and interests of the people traveling will narrow down your choices. While I adore hanging out with kids in my real life, when I’m on vacation I prefer an adults-only retreat. When our son was younger, we traveled to family-friendly resorts with activities for all ages. And every adults-only resort is different, from tranquil and luxurious to lively and social, while different family-friendly resorts cater to different ages and interests.
  2. Sun and sand, but then what? What kinds of activities do you want to do while on vacation? Do you want to see ancient Mayan archaeological sites, snorkel, ride through the desert on a jeep, swim with dolphins or sting rays, scuba dive, or jump into a cenote? Each destination has its own unique activities, so knowing what is on your bucket list will help narrow down your destinations.
  3. Hope you’re hungry! These all-inclusive resorts have so many options for food and beverage, everyone can find something they’ll enjoy. But if you’re a foodie, you’ll want to look for gourmet restaurants and unique food events. There are resorts that cater to healthy living, as well. And of course there are resorts where food is easy and plentiful for those who prefer to make other activities the focus of their days.
  4. Here we are now, entertain us! While most resorts have some kind of evening entertainment, it can vary from live acoustic music to Broadway musical revues and everything in-between. If you know a stage show with high production value will make your vacation special, you’ll want to seek out a resort known for its evening shows. On the other hand, if you value local culture and performance art, seek out a resort that employs local artists.
  5. Choose your room type. Once you’ve narrowed down to that perfect resort, find a room type that suits you. Love those ocean breezes? Make sure you book an oceanfront room! Want additional luxury amenities? Check out the preferred or concierge rooms. Dreaming of a private pool experience? Look for a swim-out room. 

The process of picking the right resort for your vacation can be a lot of work. I can help you and save you hours and hours of research! Let’s get started planning today…contact me anytime!

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