Amazing vacations don’t just happen.

The difference between a nice vacation and a truly great vacation is planning, and a lot of it. Whether you’re dreaming of your first vacation to Walt Disney World, a fantastic honeymoon, or a multigenerational cruise, you’ll need some help to guide you to the perfect destination, resort, cruise line, and activities for your group!

Why Enchantment for Everyone?

You want an agent who can listen to your needs and understand what makes sense for your circumstances, even if your situation isn’t like everyone else’s. Kelly has experience planning travel for people with medical needs, sensory issues, special diets, and autoimmune disorders, and can help you find the services you need to make your vacation amazing!

Our Services

It all starts with a free initial consultation, where Kelly will get an idea of where you want to go and your style of travel. From there, you can decide how much of the planning you want to do yourself and what you’d rather leave to a professional.

Let’s start planning!

Reach out anytime and we can get started.