Save time in line at Disney: strategies for using Genie+

Want to save time in line at Disney so you can see more? You’ll want to use Genie+.

What is Genie+?

Genie+ is a paid service at Walt Disney World and Disneyland where you can choose a few attractions throughout the day to use the “Lightning Lane” at a specific time, which is a much shorter queue wait. I think of it as a virtual queue, where I can reserve a time for an attraction and “wait” for that attraction while I enjoy other attractions, have a meal, or wander and explore. Sometimes the return time for that ride will be soon, and sometimes it will be several hours away, depending on the popularity of the ride and the time of day.

Five strategies to maximize Genie+

1. Get up early!

If you want to get the most out of your Genie+ purchase, buy it before 7 am each day. Make sure your “Tip Board” is up on your app, and right at 7 am, make your first choice. I like to have my first and second choices pinned to the top of my tip board so that I’m ready to select at 7:00:00 am. I even use an atomic clock app so I get a half-second jump on those who use their phone clock! You’re likely to get a very early return time for your first selection, which sets you up to use at least one more Lightning Lane than many others using Genie+ that day.

2. Pay to Play

If your highest priorities are the newest, most advanced attractions in each park, you may want to consider buying an Individual Lightning Lane for those attractions. Each park has at least one attraction that is not included in Genie+ and costs extra; this can be very worth it for your group if you just have to ride TRON Lightcycle Run or Avatar Flight of Passage. 

3. Churn, baby, churn!

If your group is willing to get up early, you can get started using Genie+ right away in the morning, which puts you ahead of the crowds. Hit that Tip Board right at 7 am to grab the earliest return time possible. Arrive at the parks before opening (it’s called “rope-dropping”) and hit a ride that requires an Individual Lightning Lane first, then use your first Genie+ Lightning Lane. After you “tap in” at the Lightning Lane, you should choose your next Genie+ attraction, rinse and repeat! 

4. Stack and sleep in

If your group loves to sleep in, you can still use Genie+ starting at 7 am, but you won’t be in as big of a hurry. Start with the attraction that will likely have the longest wait time. If the time is too early, grab it anyway. Modify it before the time expires to “push” it to a later time. Two hours after your park for the day opens, you may now get a second Lightning Lane (If I’m in Epcot that day, and it opens at 9 am, I am eligible for Lightning Lane #2 at 11 am). You are then eligible to select another Lightning Lane every 2 hours. Don’t forget to modify the times before they expire if needed!

5. Advanced strategy: park-hop stack

An ADVANCED strategy for park-hoppers: use the stacking tip (tip #4) for the park you will hop to in the evening, while enjoying the shorter lines at another park in the early morning! This works especially well if your morning park is Epcot or Animal Kingdom and you will hop to Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom, but can be used for any combination. 

BONUS advanced strategy: churn then stack

The afternoon mini-stack is my favorite strategy to save time in line at Disney! Use Genie+ normally in the morning, churning Genie+ attractions until you are ready to rest. After using the last ride before your break, grab a Lightning Lane for an attraction you would like to ride later. While you are resting in your room or at the pool, choose another Lightning Lane every two hours, and keep modifying times as needed before they expire. By using this strategy, you will go back to the parks with 2-3 Lightning Lanes ready to use! This works whether you will return to the same park or park hop, and it’s a huge timesaver!

Now that you know how to save time in line at Disney, let’s plan your next vacation to Walt Disney World or Disneyland!

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