Thrill rides at Disney World: top picks for each park

Walt Disney World does a lot of things well: theming, unique dining options, incredible attention to detail, but most people don’t consider it a thrill-seeker’s paradise. But there are great thrills to be found in each park at Walt Disney World!

Thrill rides at Magic Kingdom

In Magic Kingdom, Space Mountain is a great thrill, with twists and turns and drops, all in the dark. But perhaps the biggest thrills can be found on the new TRON: Lightcycle / Run, which seats you on a lightcycle from the movie and launches you outside and then into the dark! It’s a short but thrilling coaster and a great addition to a park known more for attractions for the preschool members of the family!

Hollywood Studios thrill rides

There are lots of big thrills in Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, which launches you at 60 mph into the dark; Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, with its incredible effects, and Slinky Dog Dash, which is more thrilling than it looks. For me, though, there’s no thrill like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror…you can hear the screams as you walk by! Don’t worry, despite the screaming I always walk out with a huge grin on my face. The theming of this attraction is beautiful and detailed, and the effects are jaw-dropping (and whole-body-dropping). If there’s a wait of 13 minutes, you’ll walk right on!

Thrill rides at EPCOT

At EPCOT, there’s no more thrilling attraction than the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. You’ll zip through space while rocking out to one of six great tunes, and the motion is so smooth and the way the vehicles move so unexpected, it feels like magic…Disney magic! Test Track and Mission: Space are also wonderful thrill attractions, and you’ll learn while you ride!

Animal Kingdom thrill rides

Animal Kingdom seems like an unlikely place for a thrill ride, but it’s home to one of the biggest thrills at Walt Disney World, Expedition Everest! This coaster never inverts, but it has a surprise that will make you think you’re upside-down and inside-out! Sound too intense? I highly recommend Avatar: Flight of Passage, which uses special seating and 3D technology to make you feel like you’re really flying! Sifako!

Bonus thrill at Walt Disney World

If you are not one for roller coasters or fast drops, there are still thrills to be had! Perhaps you could take your tastebuds for an adventure. ┬áInside Club Cool at EPCOT, you can try some unique soft drink flavors from around the world, courtesy of Coca-Cola. Italy’s contribution is Beverly, a beverage so unique, anyone who’s tried it remembers it well!

Whether you’re looking for thrill rides at Disney World, or just a fun time with family, when you’re ready to plan, let’s chat!

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